Oscar De La Cruz, the Hidalgo County Bailiff arrested on Friday by the FBI, made his first court appearance on Monday.

De La Cruz is charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine.

According to the criminal complaint, it all started back in October of 2017, “when a cooperating source stated that he contacted and paid an individual to obtain false documents reflecting the seizure of controlled substances by law enforcement during 2016 and 2017.”

The complaint stated that “during this period, he (cooperating source) and others used the false documents to seal more than 5 kilograms of cocaine.”

One of the “cooperating sources” said that he was using an individual by the name of “Oscar,” who worked at the Hidalgo County Courthouse to generate the false documents, according to the report.

Then in Nov. 2017, according to the complaint, FBI Special agents obtained a copy of one of the fraudulent documents. The document stated a case number and states that it corresponds to a search that was allegedly conducted at an address in Edcouch, Texas, on March 5, 2017. That document stated the search resulted in the seizure of six kilograms of cocaine by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The criminal complaint also stated that one of the cooperating sources received the document from De La Cruz.

Then in March 2018, FBI Special Agents received information from one of the “cooperating sources” that another “cooperating source” provided him money to obtain false documents from De La Cruz, according to the report. The cooperating source said that he paid De La Cruz to obtain the false documents on multiple occasions. The cooperating source added that De La Cruz provided the false documents so, “that they could be provided to sources of supply to make it appear that law enforcement had seized controlled substances contained in the documentation.”

In a statement to CBS 4, Santos Maldonado Jr., attorney for De La Cruz, said, 

My client Oscar de La Cruz appeared in court today regarding charges of a drug conspiracy. Today’s hearing was only to determine if there was probable cause in the criminal complaint that was filed against him. The case is scheduled for tomorrow for a bond hearing. I am hopeful that my client will be released on bond since he has no criminal history, has many ties in this community and is not a flight risk. At this stage in the case I have not been able to review the evidence. Therefore, I am not able to anticipate how this case may be resolved.