UVALDE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Uvalde community mourns the deaths of 19 children and two adults. Family members said this tragedy could have been prevented.

“My little cousin was shot five times. There are just so many kids that were killed out there and there are so many families looking for their kids and sadly finding out that their kid was just shot,” said Marilyn Olivarez, a relative of an injured victim.

The community is coming together to remember the 21 lives lost in the attack.

Angry parents are calling for change as they say this moment will leave a mark on them forever.

“We shouldn’t be scared to send our kids to school and our kids shouldn’t be scared to go to school or walk into a classroom that they’re supposed to have fun in and learn,” said Uvalde resident Martina Availa.

The community is now calling for gun reform and mothers are looking be that change hoping to end this sort of violence once and for all.

“Gun control, higher security. I mean it could happen to anyone. I would have never thought this would happen to my little town. I would have never thought,” said Marilyn Olivarez.

“This is a massacre, a massacre in my community,” said Angela Villescaz, resident.

Those close to the victims are taking a moment to reflect on the lives that were taken far too soon.

“Jackie, she just made her first communion recently I think it was May 8 and she was so happy about her dress and learning how to do the two-step with my daughter’s father and she’s gone,” said Villescaz.

Uvalde is still trying to piece together how to move forward from this tragedy.