Heart disease spikes in youths in relation to COVID-19

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Valley Baptist Health System Physician Assistant said due to COVID-19 he has seen an increase in children diagnosed with heart disease. 

According to George Pierce, PA the increase is something he has never seen throughout his career. 

“When I first started medicine almost 40 years ago it was unheard of for a 29-year-old to have a heart attack but now we’re seeing it and some of it is related to the consequences of COVID,” he said. 

While Pierce said one of the common early signs of heart disease is shortness of breath, he said all abnormal symptoms should be taken seriously. 

In addition to having regular check-ups with a professional doctor, Pierce said it is important to have a support system.

“Talk to your family, get some support, get yourself a doctor, and get checked out. That’s the most important medicine, to be seen by your physician,” he said.  

Pierce adds it is important to have good mental health throughout any disease and everyone should take the initiative to take care of themselves.

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