Hearing loss can be preventable with proper safety measures

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) some people are born with hearing loss but thousands of people suffer from it by not wearing proper ear protection.

Dr. Carlos Ramirez with the South Texas Health System Department of Emergency Medicine, said there are many reasons for someone to suffer from hearing loss. However, the most common cause is loud noises. 

Exposure to loud noise leads to wear and tear of the tiny nerve cells and hairs in our ears. When that happens, electrical signals are not transmitting efficiently.

According to Dr. Ramirez, there are hardly any signs of hearing loss until it becomes severe. He said hearing loss is preventable with proper precaution.

“Limiting the noise and environments such as hunting or if you go to a concert it’s always a good practice to buffer, somehow the amount of exposure to the noise,” he said.

In addition, Dr. Ramirez encourages everyone to lower the volume of electronic devices.

“If you’re unable to hear a normal conversation in a normal tone when you’re hearing music then it’s definitely beyond what the volume should be and the volume is considered to be too loud,” he said.

Another preventative measure is simply scheduling annual hearing exams.

Those who are dealing with hearing loss are encouraged to take advantage of the community resources throughout the Rio Grande Valley such as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center.

Dr. Ramirez said those resources are provided to help people not suffer from the gradual loss of hearing. 

He said dealing with something as severe as hearing loss alone can lead to other issues such as depression.


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