Health screenings may be required to cross through ports of entry

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Crossing from Mexico will take you much longer now with new regulations in place.
While citizens can still travel to Mexico, several inspections may be required before crossing.

” If you’re non essential they’re not going to deny you but there’s going to be less resources which means those lines will be longer,” said Congressman Henry Cuellar.

Cuellar said you may wait longer than usual as officers question the reasoning behind your travel.

” When you come in they might put you in secondary to ask you now what was the nature of this travel and hey by the way here’s more information on staying safe so there’s no COVID -19 transmission,” said Cuellar.

Aiming to discourage non essential travel, Cuellar said the majority of personnel will focus on essential travelers, leaving fewer officers for other lanes.

“Homeland said well listen , out of the folks that are coming in about 63% are doing this for non essential purposes,” he added.

Cuellar is proposing top officials to require health screenings at every port of entry.

“In this phase 2 phase 3 it will be a COVID-19 rapid testing if the person is positive they’ll be admitted or directed to quarantine,” Cuellar said.

The Congressman said higher CBP presence is expected as the Southwest border is also seeing an increase in illegal crossings.

” Nearly 28,000 got aways for fiscal 2020 up till now. The got aways are the ones they try to catch but got away. In the Laredo area nearly 17,000 have gotten away.”

600 CBP officers from airports will be shifted to different ports of entry. The new rules are in effect immediately and will remain in place until at least Septmeber 21st.

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