Health officials further examine correlation between HIV and diabetes

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EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) — South Texas has a high rate of obesity and Type 2 diabetes within the United States. 

Dr. Srinivas Mummidi and Dr. Juan Carlos Lopez-Alvarenga were two of the many local health officials that worked in a recent study showing a rise in Type 2 diabetes for people living with HIV in Rio Grande Valley. 

The research on HIV and Type 2 diabetes was conducted using data from over 1,800 registries.

Dr. Mummidi said there was an interest in knowing whether diabetes was at higher risk for those with HIV but said it is important to know that the relation between the two is not a surprise.

“The connection for HIV and diabetes has been known for a while because the earlier regimens that were being used actually caused a lot of metabolic problems,” he said. 

Dr. Mummidi said more research needs to be done to better understand the correlation. 

According to Dr. Juan Carlos Lopez-Alvarenga, understanding one’s genetics is important in order for everyone to maintain good health.

However, it is strongly encouraged for Hispanics to be careful with food choices because of high metabolic issues.

Dr. Lopez-Alvarenga said educating ourselves about our family genetics should be a priority to help prevent any health risks.

“It’s important for the youngest to know about their parents and to know to prepare 

Lopez-Alvarenga expressed that if one takes the necessary precautions, it will help bring down high rates and lead people towards a healthier life.

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