Health officials address hesitancy to get COVID-19 vaccine after J&J suspension

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — With the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine halted by FDA and CDC, some might use it as an excuse to not get vaccinated.

Experts say that the public should be making decisions based on facts and not fear.

“Even today is a very momentous day, for those people who are looking for an excuse not to get vaccinated,” said Dr. Ivan Melendez, Hidalgo County health authority.

Dr. Melendez said that as long as somebody is looking for an excuse to not get vaccinated, they will always find one.

If you look at the pure science, people are talking about ‘microchips in your body that control you, your arm shivering up,’ people have been talking about these bizarre social media reasons to not get vaccinated, and guess what it has not panned out.

Dr. Melendez told KVEO.

Although there hasn’t been a death directly associated with the vaccine, many still have fears, and the Johnson & Johnson suspension can validate that fear.

“What I already thought I didn’t trust, now I’m not going to trust even more, because now it is being suspended, something is happening,” said Vanessa Vale-Saenz, vice-president of Behavioral Services at DHR Health.

Vale-Saenz said that the CDC’s goal is to protect everyone, adding that the blood clots that six women developed after receiving the J&J vaccine, may or may not be directly related to the vaccine.

“The important thing is that you’re not making your decision based off of fear, that you’re making it based on actual facts,” said Vale-Saenz.

Dr. Melendez said that the vaccine works, and to not waste time giving the virus an opportunity to mutate.

“There is no question that the vaccine is safe, and there is no question that we still have not completed our goal,” said Dr. Melendez.

Dr. Melendez said that out of the more than 300,000 vaccines given out in Hidalgo County, only about 6,000 were the J&J vaccine.

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