Health experts warn students can be withdrawn from school without their vaccinations

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — Health experts are concerned that fewer people are getting their vaccinations, especially children. Health officials say there could be consequences for students who are not up to date on their immunizations.

“This is something that the parents need to recognize is that they need to get them vaccinated so that they can be in compliance with the rules,” said Esmeralda Guajardo, Cameron County Health Administrator.

Guajardo said they’re seeing a trend of students not getting their immunizations. Even though remote learning, it’s a requirement for students to be up to date on their vaccines, if not they can be removed from school. 

“Any given time that a child is enrolled in school remote or not and they don’t have their vaccines they can be withdrawn from the school system, those are the rules and the way it’s written up,” said Guajardo.  

According to Guajardo a reason why parents are putting off getting their kids vaccinated is due to the fear of going into a doctors office, and school nurses are also seeing this trend. 

“There have been some parents that have said ‘I’m not going to get my child vaccinated until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19′, which we don’t want. We want them to be vaccinated but we do understand the parent’s concerns,” said Claudia Corrales a registered nurse at an elementary school.

While COVID-19 is a concern, health experts are urging that parents and children get the flu vaccine. 

“There is a concern that they might get COVID-19 and the flu, so I guess it’s better to get vaccinated against the flu than to not have it is what I’m hearing,” said Corrales.

The flu vaccine is not on the list of required vaccines for students to be enrolled in school, but it is being highly recommended. If your child needs their immunization vaccines or the flu shot, you are urged to contact your health provider.  

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