HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Recent rains and standing water are key ingredients of a home for mosquitoes.

This can cause many concerns and could even affect your health.

Cameron County leaders with the Emergency Management Department says after a major rain event mosquitoes will come out and make their presence known.

“With more rains more water, that helps the mosquitoes grow and be more prevalent around the area,” Cameron County Emergency Management staff member Juan Gonzalez said.

Officials say after recent storms, cutting the yard can be frequent activity but this helps keep the mosquitoes away.

Officials also say it’s best to get rid of standing water which can also be found in various locations.

“Any standing water maybe in buckets or maybe some old tires or even pulling next to the house try to clear that out as soon as possible so that mosquitoes don’t start to grow,” Gonzalez said.

For health concerns, an influx of these unwanted visitors can come with some worry.

“The biggest concern with the mosquitoes is the fact that you get possible health issues with them because they do transmit various diseases,” Gonzalez said.

“Mosquito bites can cause some allergic reactions,” Valley allergist Dr. Maria Falcon said.

Falcon says a typical mosquito bite can be minor causing itchiness and redness.

However, for some, their skin can be more sensitive.

“You know if it’s more than that, maybe over the counter you can purchase mild steroid cream, hydrocortisone 1% and apply to the incest bites,” Falcon said.

Health experts say an allergic reaction can cause soreness and inflammation. Falcon recommends washing the area, using lotion and creams and ice.

“If you are going to go outdoors probably use an insect repellent like a deet and if you’re going to use it I would first use it on a small area to make sure you are not sensitive to that product,” Falcon said.

Heath experts also recommend wearing light colored clothing, minimal use of fragrance wear and to use repellant.