Harmful house cleaner combinations to avoid

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Harmful house cleaner combinations to avoid during COVID-19 outbreak

As the nation continues to operate under shelter-in-place orders, many local grocery stores are lacking basic household cleaning supplies, making some turn to making their own at home. However, experts say certain cleaning chemicals should not be mixed.

A mixture of alcohol and water is a safe win, and Dr. Sanchez wants to remind the public to avoid mixing typical household cleaners including bleach and ammonia with natural items such as; vinegar, baking soda and alcohol.

“Some combinations will produce gas, chlorine gas, others can be a little bit explosive when you combine them. Baking soda with something else, vinegar, something like that produces gas and if you put it in a bottle and close it, it might explode,” he explained.

If you are having trouble finding a few essential items, doctors say there’s an affordable and safe chemical you can use to keep your home virus-free.

For example, 91 percent isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol with higher content are effective surface virus cleaners. For added surface protection, measure equal parts of water and isopropyl alcohol, then mix both substances together for a surface disinfection cleaner.

Medical experts say alcohol is just as effective as any Clorox or Lysol disinfectant.

“You can use it on your hands or spray it. That is safe,” said McAllen Family Practice Center, Dr. Manuel Sanchez.

Doctors add the impact mixed cleaners can have on your body could be detrimental.

If cleaning supplies are not handled correctly, it could cause major issues for your entire family while abiding shelter-in-place orders.

Mixing two cleaners alone could cause chemical burns that you could get in your eyes or lungs. It could even cause respiratory damage and a cough that doctors say you might confuse with COVID-19 symptoms.

Shelter-in-place will continue until the end of April in Texas.

However, Dr. Sanchez says it is important for you to get sunshine.

There is no harm in opening your windows to allow sunlight inside. He says vitamin D from the sun is one of the best natural disinfectants.

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