HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — In the Harlingen Mayoral election, Norma Sepulveda defeated incumbent Mayor Chris Boswell making Sepulveda the first female mayor of the city. 

“It feels amazing, it feels amazing to be the first Latina mayor of the city of Harlingen,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda won the election with 3,659 votes (60.51%) over Mayor Boswell’s 2,388 votes (39.49%).

According to Sepulveda, the election was about bringing the Rio Grande Valley community together and hopes to inspire other women to take on more leadership roles.

“I am inspired by the historic turnout in this municipal election, and I am excited to represent a unified city ready to make Harlingen the capital of the RGV once again,” said Sepulveda.

Boswell has served as mayor since 2007 and congratulated Sepulveda on her win.

“I will be happy to devote more time to my family and law practice and to serve the community in new ways. I wish Mayor-elect Sepulveda the best and success,” said Boswell.

Some residents said they hope Sepulveda continues to improve the city.

Sepulveda said once in office she vows to be mayor for all of Harlingen regardless of who people voted for and is ready to start planning for the first Harlingen city town hall.