Harlingen residents ask the city to pave their roads, struggle leaving their homes

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Harlingen residents were unable to leave their homes as a result of recent flooding and mud leaving them trapped.

According to City Manager Carlos Sanchez, the row of homes on Filmore 1/2 street were homes originally built in the backyards of the front properties but now have their own street.

“I ride a bike and it’s so hard to leave and come back when I need to go to work,” said Virginia Rubio-Mar, a 57-year-old resident on a street know as Filmore 1/2 street.

Mar said she always pays her taxes and wants to see her money going toward paved roads.

Other residents on the same road said they have damages to their cars because of the road.

“We come in every day, we go out and come in, I mean they gotta fix it,” said Jorge Guevara, “There’s another pothole over there that’s messing up my truck, so I have to fix it!”

Mar said that the city has come by twice but the repairs have been temporary.

“They came twice and they only put something like gravel down that is not there every year,” said Mar.

The city of Harlingen’s City Manager said that he is aware of the concerns, but said the street is too small to be paved according to the city’s code of ordinances.

“The city does recognize this dedication but it’s a limited width—I believe we have about 25 or 30 feet of right a way,” said Sanchez.

Instead, they lay down recycled asphalt called millings, and after hearing the concerns from residents the city said they will be by July 13.

“What we can do I guess on a more frequent basis—is instead of coming here every 8 months or so is coming here every 4 months or so,” said Sanchez.

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