A string of thefts during the past 60 days across Harlingen has prompted local police to launch an investigation.

So far at least 10 cars have been stolen from businesses and neighborhoods around Harlingen, but there have been no signs of forced entry.

“We have contacted other agencies in the area and they are also having some auto thefts as well, so we know it’s not just centralized in our city,” said police Officer Larry Moore, a spokesman for the Harlingen Police Department.

Moore said the thefts have taken place between midnight and 6 a.m.

Primary targets are older Chrysler vehicles such as Dodge pick-up trucks, Jeeps, and other GMC models.

“Keep your doors locked in your vehicle. If you have a lighted area, park your vehicle under the light in a nice bright area if you can,” Moore said.

Investigators believe it is a possibility that the stolen vehicles are being taken to Mexico to be sold during the holiday season.

No arrests have been made in connection to the thefts.