Harlingen High students designing homes for the community

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A group of students at Harlingen High School (HHS) are teaming up with the city to design homes for the community and it’s all part of their school work.

Students taking Architectural Design 2 at HHS have always had a passion for designing houses. However, it’s not just seeing their designs come to life that inspires them, It’s also seeing the people they help.

“Just to think that it all started off with a piece of paper,” said Emily Castro, Senior at Harlingen High. “It really did, it all started off with a piece of paper and now we have people living in the house.”

It takes a lot of paper to design a house for students taking the class. Emiliano Amado an Architectural Design 2 teacher at Harlingen High, believes his student’s work could mean something more than just a grade, so he decide to reach out to Harlingen Community Development.

“What they do, they reach out to people who are low-income families and if their house is not livable, they’ll build them a new home, Amado said. ” So, I reached out to them and that’s what we do we’re designing their houses.”

The program with the city of Harlingen has been in place for the last two years. The students get notified when a new house is needed and they get to designing. Once the blueprints are set their designs become a reality.

Arumi Hernandez, a senior in Architectural Design 2 was part of designing a home that was built along E. Van Buren Ave. Hernandez said the feeling is surreal.

“Seeing a house that you just did online and then transferred to actual materials and seeing it in person is like pretty amazing,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez’s fellow classmates want to have that same feeling and hope to blueprint their homes. But there are a lot of skills that go into the design.

“First we start out with all the dimensions like learning the code obviously and then we go from there and see okay what fits here, what doesn’t fit here,” said Student Kyler De Leon.

” I really do wish to be able to get hands-on and be able to build you know tiny homes and other structures,” said Student Jimy Arriaga.

As for Amado, he hopes to see more of his students help the community.

” I’ve been doing this for a while already,” Amado said. ” But it feels good to be able to see my students have that feeling to turn in a set of plans and see the house get built and be turned in to the client.”

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