That’s the new police chief Neo Martinez sitting at the head of an executive meeting at the Harlingen police department…at least for a day.

“he has his own personal courage and leadership which really demonstrated to me that he would be a great chief for this city and help keep this city safe,” says Harlingen PD Chief Jeffry Adickes.

At just eleven years old Neo Martinez is battling cancer.  His mother explained he was diagnosed back in march with osteosarcoma..which targets the bones. For Neo it means a tumor on his leg and multiple in his lungs.

“His condition is one of the worst that you can possibly have and we’re just praying to god that he’s going to be okay,” says mother Gloria Martinez.

And in order to help show support, the Harlingen Consolidated School District, the city, and the police department have made sure to make this day Neo day.

“Neo has been very courageous in his battle against cancer. He’s here today to celebrate  and see his friends again and so it’s really a remarkable opportunity to see hope and courage and perseverance all being illuminated today,” says HCISD superintendent Art Cavazos

“Neo’s a very outgoing, very loving, very strong, very brave, full of faith, full of faith,” says mom.

Neo showed bravery, strength, and more than anything a positive happy attitude during his role as chief, and when asked why anyone would want to take on such an important task…

“Because so they can help the city of Harlingen,” responded Neo.

“He will always be a part of HPD and he will always be able to say i am HPD. Can you say that?” asks Chief Adickes.

“I am HPD,”replies Neo.

Though doctor’s have given Neo a survival rate of 15 to 20 percent, the family is positive and strong in faith.

“Anybody else that is battling cancer, parents, god bless you all and just keep the faith, that’s what it takes, and we’ll be good, we’ll be okay,” adds Neo’s mother.