Harlingen CBD store to grow in house hemp, first to do so

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — A Harlingen CBD store will begin growing its own in-house hemp within the next month making them the only ones in the Rio Grande Valley to do so.

According to Trevor Kocaoglan, owner of Rio CBD, one of the main reasons for growing in-store is “just educating people on what they’re taking.” He wants his customers to see, trust, and be able to ask questions without fear.

Kocaoglan also prefers to grow in-store because of climate control and zero hassles from mosquitos and other pests.

Kocaoglan added that hemp in general benefits those with health disabilities such as arthritis, cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and blood pressure.

He has seen firsthand that hemp is able to help those with cancer especially because his father was diagnosed with it.

To obtain a hemp-growing license, visit the Texas Department of Agriculture’s website.

Rio CBD plans to offer hemp educational classes within the next month or two to assist people in applying for a license as well as teach.

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