Harlingen bar & grill survives pandemic in its first year of business

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Imagining opening a bar & grill right before a pandemics hit. 

That happened to one business in Harlingen and they managed to survive. 

“COVID really did bring us all together because it was just us,” said head chef of Station 1 bar and grill Carl Eastridge. “You know we had to watch each other’s backs and make sure—hey…That were all still gonna have a job the next day.”  

Station 1 Bar and Grill has only been open for a year and says they managed to survive the pandemic because of their community.  

They source their ingredients from farms and ranches in the Rio Grande Valley.     

Even the beer on tap is brewed in the Lone Star State.  

“I try to keep all our beers on tap, Texas,” said general manager Omar Trevino. “I dedicated three taps to ‘5×5’ out of Mission, Texas.”  

During the peak of quarantine, they sold ramen soup curbside to stay afloat and helped a local grocer in the process.    

 “We were helping them out because we were going in every other day and buying all the noodles that they had,” Eastridge said.  “They would ask me ‘how many today?’–‘How many do you have?’– ‘I want them all’ because we would sell out.”  

Treviño says that they began opening on Sundays to help bartenders in the area make extra money.   

 “On Sundays, we would bring in a guest bartender—anyone who was unemployed and needed a little help,” said Trevino. “I opened my bar shift to them.”  

Station 1 says they want to bring an unique style of dining to the Harlingen area.   

“It’s a movement that we are trying to create,” said Eastridge. “We are a restaurant that you can go and have food that you can’t have anywhere else or drink a cocktail you can’t have anywhere else.”  

Station 1 Bar and Grill say they change their menu with the season to supply the freshest produce–you can keep up with them on their Facebook page.   

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