Harlingen apartment tenants receive eviction notice, left without running water

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO)  — Multiple tenants at Harlingen Estates were left without water after receiving eviction letters. 

Tenant Stephen Vela was shocked after he read the eviction notices saying he would have to move out at the end of this month. 

“We have two notices, we have one dated on the 23rd saying they’re going to shut off the water for testing,  only for a couple of hours and the second one is our actual eviction notice saying the same things for the same problems only now we have 30 days to get out,” said Vela. 

Robert Galvan says he has only been living at the apartment complex for less than a year and he says no help was offered for the eviction. 

“Instead of offering us any form of housing in any other of the units, they just told us that we have to vacate and leave the premises in 30 days,” said Galvan. 

Seven-year tenant Patricia Trejo says she was told the eviction is because of plumbing issues in the downstairs unit, however, she says no one lives in that unit. 

“A few years back we were having problems with plumbing and there was just leaking everywhere so they were trying to fix the plumbing and I guess it was just too old and it was not able to be fixed,” said Trejo. 

She says she hopes they turn the water on as soon as possible because it’s a necessity. 

“How are we supposed to keep ourselves clean or wash dishes? I mean showers everything without having just a necessity,” said Trejo. 

KVEO reached out to Attorney Ricardo Barrera. He says each landlord needs to provide basic resources and needs. 

“Look to the landlord for renters insurance. Very often landlords don’t disclose or some landlords don’t disclose that there’s a remedy in renters insurance that could benefit the tenant,” said Barrera.

KVEO also reached out to the property manager and they declined to comment.

Barrera suggests people in this situation look at their contract to see what was promised and seek the advice of an attorney. 

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