The city of McAllen is proposing millions of dollars in drainage projects. Although some say the hardest hit areas during the recent floods are not receiving enough projects.

The city is proposing more than $20 million in drainage projects but one local organization says the city’s southside is getting short changed.

“I know McAllen is a large area, but we want the response to be proportionate to the need where ever it may be.”

Pastor Alejandro Flores says many of his parishioners are still being affected by the historic floods from June. He wants to make sure drainage issues on the southside are addressed.

“There’s a lot of different kind of situations that occurred. People can’t go into their houses now, they can’t sleep in their houses, live in their houses. It’s a problem.”

Flores, who is part of the Valley Interfaith Organization, says they want to talk with city leaders to see what can be done for the southwest area of the city.  Flores says the city itself has admitted it was one of the hardest hit areas during the floods.

“What I hope to accomplish is just have a conversation you know with those who are responsible to see what can be done for us what can be done for the community as well.”

It’s not just the historic flooding from June. Pastor Flores says the area is prone to flooding even during heavy rainfall.  The organization will be holding a press conference in front of city hall. Then try and speak with city leaders. Flores says they need the city’s help.

“If it was as simple as picking up a couple shovels and digging a couple of ditches and trenches, I’d pick up a shovel.” says Pastor Flores.

This is an ongoing story. Stay with News Center 23’s Mike Jimenez as he will brings us the latest details.