Haitian migrants make way to Reynosa

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HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Catholic Charites of the Rio Grande Valley Executive Director Sister Norma Pimentel has seen many migrant families from Haiti arriving at migrant camps and shelters in Reynosa.

“There were some families, not as many Saturday, we had a very large number of migrants coming to Reynosa,” Pimentel said.

According to Pimentel, there are on average 400 Haitian migrants currently in Reynosa as they wait for processing by Border Patrol. But as for migrants at the humanitarian respite center, Pimentel said they have not seen many Haitian migrants cross the border.

“We have some but there is few that are arriving right now,” Pimentel said. “I think for the most part they are being kept in detention, they are processing them, and they are either sending them to other points of entry or sending back [to] their country.”

Catholic Charities of the RGV have been in constant communication with Border Patrol. While the agency tells ValleyCentral an influx of Haitian migrants seen in Del Rio is a possibility for the RGV, Pimentel is ready for more migrants that may come to Reynosa.

“We’re already prepared to help not only in the U.S side but also in the Mexican side,” Pimentel said. “I’m reaching out to assist some of the shelters there because Mexico has very limited resources and therefore we are trying to make sure that families and the children are okay.”

While more Haitian migrants are expected to arrive in Reynosa, Sister Norma doesn’t anticipate many of them being able to cross the border in the valley.

“I always work very closely with border patrol, and we want to make sure that if they need space for them to be placed, we defiantly have space for them in our shelter,” Pimentel said. ” But I foresee most of them if not all of them will be transferred or deported quickly to their country, that seems to be what’s happening right now.”

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