LA HOMA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — This Halloween Hacienda San Miguel owner Sara Caballero hosted the second annual haunted maze.

Caballero and her team started building the maze from the ground up the first week of September. She added that because their venue hosts other events, the maze had to be taken down in its entirety last year.

While piecing everything together, Caballero wanted to include something new and popular to the maze, and so ‘Squid Games’ ‘Red Light, Green Light’ was added towards the end.

Actors were dressed up as Squid Games characters and as the game says, the majority must say yes to play, and then a button will need to be pushed indicating their decision.

Hacienda San Miguel’s version of the game followed the same guidelines as the TV show. Visitors were to move when “green light” was said and once “red light” was shouted anyone who moved would be eliminated, but with a gummy ball shot at them.

Prior to heading the interactive game, visitors are said to endure scares played by 20 different actors from all over the Rio Grande Valley.

A casting call was held during the first week of October where actors were chosen based on their ability to stay in character and how well they could scare the owners.

While some actors will rehearse their scare tactics, Caballero said it came naturally to most and so rehearsing wasn’t necessary.

The actors will be dressed in a variety of costumes ranging from Michael Meyers to the average “crying dead girl,” according to Caballero.

If the acting doesn’t scare visitors, animatronics were also set up throughout the walk that shouted horrifying phrases and sounded screams.

Although Caballero told ValleyCentral that owning and operating a haunted maze is hard work, the screams and visitor reactions make it all worthwhile.