Gyms likely to see normal increase in memberships come January

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more. In January gyms typically look like stores do on Black Friday.

“January is every trainers dream come true.” Says Felix Tambora, Owner, Team Bora Fitness.

It is every trainer’s dream come true because people flood the gym wanting to get in shape. This new year, Tambora does not expect much to change, despite the pandemic.

Tambora says just as many people, as usual, will make that New Year’s resolution to work out, because of the pandemic he does expect a slight drop, but he doesn’t expect that drop to change what gyms normally see in January.

“I think now because of the pandemic is going on for close to a year now, that people actually feel like they are actually a little more comfortable knowing how to deal with it. So I feel like it might be just a slight pinch of a slowdown, not much. Believe me, us trainers are still looking forward to January,” says Tambora.

Tambora says when the pandemic began many turned to online training, and that continues to be a large part of his business. Tambora adds as the pandemic wore on people became more vigilant cleaning and going back to the gyms, following CDC guidelines.

When you go to the gym apart from the CDC guidelines, Tambora says bring your own equipment. This includes towels, water bottles, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes, so you can wipe down the machine yourself before using it. Tambora also recommends wearing a mask.

“Wear your mask when you’re just en route to the next machine. You don’t want to just be walking past people randomly, breathing profusely, back and forth in each other’s face,” says Tambora.

He says once you get to your station to work out, you can then take off your mask. The CDC also recommends using facilities with large open spaces or working out on-line.

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