Gun sales thrive in the RGV during the pandemic

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BROWNSVILLE (KVEO) — 2020 has been a tough year across the board while businesses struggle to stay open, but one market thriving right now is gun and ammunition sales. 

Massey’s gun range in Boca Chica says this is one of their best years for business, according to general manager Gilbert Garza, who says people are anxious due to the nation’s circumstances. 

“Because of the riots, or just the protests, it has brought a lot of traffic to gun stores, gun ranges, ours in particular,” said Garza. 

Gun and ammo shortage looms as hunting season approaches

Garza says by law he submits background checks on every potential buyer and is careful who he sells to 

Courtesy of the FBI

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, required for every purchase of firearms shows that at the beginning of the pandemic from February to March, over 900,000 background checks were processed.

Up from about only 100,00 processed the month right before.  

“Firearm sales have been sky-high,” said Garza. “Ammunition sales have been—I mean—enormous. We’ve sold so much ammo.” 

When the movies, beaches and bars closed the gun range was deemed an essential business due to the second amendment.  

Garza said people were looking for something to do when everything else was closed.  

“Because of the second amendment, gun ranges, gun stores, manufacturers have always been allowed to remain open.” 

In total the FBI reports Texas submitting 1.7 million firearms background checks in 2020 so far.  

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