Grocery stores see improvement to their food supply; less empty shelves

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HARLINGEN, Texas- At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery stores were hit the hardest with shortages of food and supplies. 

The pandemic caused thousands of people to panic buy at grocery stores across the United States.

Stores like Grocery Services Inc. saw an influx of customers in the first weeks of the outbreak. 

“We had about three times the number of customers come into our store that we normally do, they were at the time coming in and grabbing as much milk as they could, eggs, we carry canned beans, dry beans,” said Steve Sigloch, President at Grocery Services Inc.

Many grocery stores were seeing empty shelves and never-ending lines, but Sigloch said they are finally seeing their stores food supply stabilizing.

“Now we’re kind of at a stage where things have seem to calm down, and the impulse buying for the most part is gone which is great,” he said. “I think customers are realizing ‘hey the product is still going to be there’, you don’t have to come in all at once.”

Sigloch said that while the good news is that grocery stores are able to meet the needs for customers, there are still some high demand products which could take longer to be on the shelves. 

‘We’re still low on dry beans but we have plenty in stock for canned beans. It came down to eggs, there was a day or two where milk was getting very short,” he said.

Other grocery stores like H-E-B and Walmart have also seen their stores supply chain stabilize. Sigloch said this is a good sign that things may start to get back to normal.

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