HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – An action movie partially filmed in the valley focuses on the importance of family. “Green Ghost” stars local businessman Charlie Clark who says how this movie incorporated parts of his personal life.

The action movie “Green Ghost” did not hold back from the constant fights or the love of family. 

“It is an action film, adventure and some sci-fi dabbled in. It’s a wonderful action movie and it’s about family and it’s not necessarily about family that’s your own or that you were born into, it’s about the family you create over time,” said Clark.

The movie was filmed in Rio Grande Valley and other parts of Texas, while it was edited in the U.S. and Chile.  Clark wanted to make this movie center around a special family member who is dear to his heart.  

“This movie is dedicated to my nana, Maricruz Aurora Aguirre, and she is still alive, she’s 99 years old and it’s a real blessing for this movie to have made it and for her to still be here,” said Clark. 

Along with the making of this film, he wanted to display everything his Nana has taught him, for example, “showcasing my Spanish because I did grow up half my life with my Mexican nana and she helped not only take care of me, but I learned the culture,” said Clark.

Clark says the thought to make this movie has been almost a decade long and after finally getting the film on its feet it only took a couple of months to shoot. However, he wanted to make sure his character was relatable to his own story. 

“I said how about I create a character that would be making fun of being a green ghost superhero so everybody would always slip upon his name gringo but it’s Green Ghost,” said Clark. 

 In preparing for his role he says he “worked with an acting coach for weeks,” who also happens to be Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez’s acting coach. Furthermore, since the majority of the film is action, he says how he geared up for the fighting scenes.”

“I trained for Wing Chun Kuen fu, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo.“ Clark goes on to say because he had to act while fighting in his costume his stuntman did fill in for him through some of the movie. 

 The film also doesn’t shy away from what his character goes through in the beginning which is mirrored in his own life. 

“So, I had to start from scratch, and I almost lost my business several times throughout my career.” Clark adds, “it shows a little bit of the pain I went through when I had a walk away from my family and I walked away from a family business to become an entrepreneur here in the valley.”

He never imagined this film would hit the big screen. However, since it now has hit multiple theaters he looks back on this journey as a proud accomplishment. 

“Grew into something else when we got Danny Trejo and attracted Kuno Becker, Renee Victor, and Sofia Pernas and you know Pepe Serna,” said Clark. 

Now this movie is showing both in Brownsville and Mercedes. Click here for details on the showtimes.