Governor looking for the next strategy to reopen the state

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HARLINGEN, Texas — Governor Gregg Abbott is rolling back on plans to reopen the state to combat the rising COVID-19 cases.

Right now, the governor is putting a hold on elective surgeries in counties in northern Texas.

There’s been an outbreak of covid-19 cases across Texas. Here in the valley, dozens of new cases are popping up every day.

“We are taking measured steps going back such as the elimination on non-essential surgical procedures. And the announcement that we are at least for now pressing pause on any further openings,” said the Governor.

 Bars are closed and Governor Abbott pausing elective surgeries in Bexar, Dallas, Harris and Travis counties.

“We can alter the course of the spread of covid-19 by having localized solutions as opposed to a statewide solution,” he said.

Some healthcare workers we spoke to off camera, see this as a necessary step. As more people become sick, hospitals need beds to prepare. Governor Abbott said he’s looking at strategies for the next step.

“We will first look to the data to shows us what may be causing the increase and the spread,” he said.

Healthcare workers are taking an all hands on deck approach. Nurses are in high demand. According to the state department of health services. The need for more nurses will grow by over 35%.

Workers we spoke to didn’t want to go on camera but they say this pandemic is nothing like they’ve experienced before.

The first statewide ban on elective surgery lasted nearly a month, the Governor eased restrictions if there were beds reserved for COVID-19 patients.

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