TEXAS (KVEO) — Governor Greg Abbott is deploying additional resources to areas across the state of Texas to assist with issues happening due to frigid winter weather conditions.

Abbott is prioritizing the restoration of power to communities across the state as millions of Texans sit without power on Monday.

Additionally, state agencies are sending resources and personnel to help local officials clear roadways and to assist essential workers.

The National Guard has also been deployed to conduct welfare checks with local authorities as they assist Texans in sheltering at warming centers across the state.

Abbott submitted a waiver to the U.S. Department of Energy on Sunday to allow Texas to increase power production at generators. However, the generators were unable to increase production because of the frozen weather conditions. They are working to get power back on.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has ordered blackouts across the state to preserve power for electric company’s generators. The generators are facing a shortage of natural gas, wind, and solar to maintain the power grid.

“Due to the severe weather and freezing temperatures across our state, many power companies have been unable to generate power, whether it’s from coal, natural gas, or wind power,” said Governor Abbott. “ERCOT and the PUC are working non-stop to restore power supply.”

The following is a list of resources being deployed by Abbott:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety: 3,300 Troopers and 3,300 patrol vehicles responding statewide to events in areas adversely affected by winter weather
  • Texas Military Department: 6 Winter Weather Packages consisting of 90 personnel, 28 High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicles, 1 Field Light Ambulance, and 4 Wreckers
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: 585 personnel, 531 4×4 vehicles, 50 UAS, 1 aircraft and 9 K9 teams
  • Texas A&M Forest Service: 83 personnel, 6 Motor Graders, and 58 4×4’s
  • Texas Department of Transportation: 2,314 personnel, 695 snowplows, 188 loaders, 55 Motor Graders and 757 4×4 vehicles
  • Texas Emergency Medical Task Force: 1 AMBUS and 1 Ambulance Strike Team and 4 Severe Weather Packages consisting of 1 Task Force Leader, 1 MIST,1 AMBUS and 1 Ambulance Strike Team each on stand-by