Governor Abbott, DHS and DPS Top Leaders Meet On The Border

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Wednesday Governor Greg Abbott visited the Department of Public Safety offices in Weslaco.

By his side, was Department of Homeland Security’s new Secretary John Kelly.

With less than a month on the job, Kelly was greeted by Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw.

Abbott, McCraw and Kelly discussed ‘Operation Secure Texas.’

The federal, state and local level operation to combat drug and human trafficking.

“We have some folks in the Rio Grande Valley with us today. I know an issue that they’re concerned about and that is we want to achieve safety and security but we also want to promote economic development. As you know Mexico is our largest trade partner, we need to ensure that we are able to continue that very fact of trade.” said Governor Abbott.

An issue discussed was Border Patrol’s lacking resources. Currently in Hidalgo County, the Border Patrol’s aerial surveillance is virtually nonexistent.

“We depend so much on the Border Patrol and you’re going to hear nothing but positives from us about the Border Patrol and we’re confident given the right resources they can do the job. There’s no question about it and to start in the beginning, our concerns are obviously from a statewide standpoint is are significant vulnerability from a porous border with Mexico.” Said Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw.

McCraw went on to say, integrating air, ground and river operations will achieve more.

During the meeting, President Trump’s wall came up.

“A lot of people are talking about the wall and other types of aspects along the border. I came down here to find out. I suspect that have a pretty good idea but there’s nothing like talking to the men and women they get dirty everyday doing the nation’s work whether they’re working for the State of Texas or the federal government.” said Secretary Kelly.

It’s important to mention, at the end of the Obama Administration, and at the start of Texas legislative session, Republican lawmakers demanded the federal government reimburse more than $2 billion dollars.

The lawmakers said, Texas needs that money back and said the tab also extends to the Trump Administration.

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