WESLACO, Texas (KVEO) — Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton hosted Attorneys General from 12 states at DPS headquarters in Weslaco to talk about the national importance of Operation Lone Star (OLS).

Governor Abbott said Texas is stepping out to fill the gaps that the Biden administration has left in border security.

Governor Abbott said Texas DPS troopers and National Guard soldiers have seized enough fentanyl to kill over 220 million people during OLS.

Speaking at a round table discussion with the Attorney General, Abbott called on those gathered to join Texas in combating human and drug smuggling along the border. He said that President Joe Biden was responsible for the increase in overdose deaths throughout the country.

“Joe Biden does not care that fentanyl is invading our states,” Abbott said.

Governor Abbott also said President Biden had an “open border policy” that was causing an increase in illegal immigration and human smuggling.

“Joe Biden doesn’t care about victims of human trafficking,” Abbott said. “If he cared, he’d step up and do something about it. But he does not care about the carnage that he is causing to the lives and communities across the entire country.”

Immigration is a federal issue with federal jurisdiction, so states cannot arrest immigrants who cross the border illegally. Instead, Texas has been arresting people for illegally trespassing on state and private land, which Texas does have legal jurisdiction over.

Attorney General Ken Paxton told the group of Attorneys General that immigration issues faced on the border affect them all.

“These people are being transported around the country without our knowledge and they’re going into your states,” he said to the group. “So, this is an issue that I wanted other Republican attorney generals to see.”

Governor Abbott also talked about the increase in cartel recruiting online using social media sites to attract potential human smugglers.

He proposed the gathered Attorneys General take action to stop recruiting on social media sites like TikTok.

“TikTok should be ashamed, condemned, and have legal action brought against them for promoting human trafficking in Texas and the United States of America,” Abbott said.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said that Texas has filed seven lawsuits against the federal government over immigration that Texas would soon be adding an eighth lawsuit.