BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville prepared to assist the homeless and community in need of warm clothing, food, and shelter.

The non-profit organization’s case manager said resources are available at the center, but they also conducted outreach to ensure those who could not make it to the shelter were taken care of.

“Right now, with the cold weather, it’s very difficult for some of our clients to make it here. Some of them don’t have transportation and some of them choose to stay home, or at least whatever they call home,” said case manager, Victor Alvarez.

He said the center provides three meals daily and shelter during the day.

“We’re trying to do the street outreach on a daily. It’s very important that we get out there on a daily because some of these folks, the only meal they get on a daily basis are from us,” he said.

Alejandra Mederos, also a case manager at the center, said aside from meals, they prepared items to get through the colder weather.

“We also hand out winter kits, which consist of gloves, scarves, and beanies for our clients. We also provide them with hand warmers so that they can try and keep as warm as possible,” she said.

Community outreach is done regularly, according to Mederos, but with the drop in temperatures, they made sure to go to areas where the homeless are usually found.

“Most of them are out in the open. It’s very hard to find an enclosed place for them to stay. So, that’s one of the purposes of taking the blankets, to try to make them as comfortable as possible,” she said.

Alvarez explained that because the shelter is not an overnight shelter, they make sure they can collaborate with shelters that can house people overnight in Brownsville and Harlingen.

“We coordinate with Loaves and Fishes as well as the Ozanam Center. We contact them by phone to see if there’s bed availability,” he said.

Alvarez and Mederos said the items issued to those in need are mostly donations from the community and partners and said they are grateful to their donors for their support.

If you are interested in donating to the Good Neighbor Settlement House, you can visit their website.