MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO)—The Rio Grande Valley continues to gain national attention, and Thursday, The Texas Land Commissioner, George P. Bush, traveled to McAllen to meet with residents and local leaders.  

A priority for Commissioner Bush was to see the ongoing immigration issues in the Valley’s backyard.  

“We’re a very compassionate nation, we’ve served people from around the world, but we just can’t handle this amount of inflow, it’s dangerous to communities,” said Commissioner George P. Bush.  

Bush praised local law enforcement as well as a state police for stepping up to help with U.S. Border Patrol agents during the surge in migrants.  

“The numbers speak for themselves, we’re seeing in some instances 20 times an influx than in prior years,” said Bush, “You talk to any Border Patrol agent they tell you that walls work, they say rules that are consistent are clearly communicable to Mexico and countries in the Northern Triangle. You see the barbed wire around the U.S. Capitol, but yet we can’t do that on our Southern Border to enhance security.” 

But an increase in immigration isn’t his only concern for the Valley. 

“Floods is the worst natural disaster we have in Texas,” said Bush, noting his office is already acting to prevent just that.  

“We just announced some awards to Hidalgo County for infrastructure and flood mitigation projects.”  

The commissioner met with Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez and other local leaders to discuss the valley’s drainage system. 

“I know that’s a big issue for colonias to get people back on their feet and displacing water,” said Bush. 

 Small businesses were also at the top of his list, hosting a roundtable with local business owners. 

“We also talked about how commerce is the lifeblood for the border economy and how we come out of the pandemic sensibly by encouraging more freedom and more entrepreneurship, so we can get businesses moving and people back to work and see light at the end of the tunnel,” said Bush.  

Now, the commissioner plans to head back to Austin with ideas on how to help the valley in the state capitol. 

“Texas has always been a leader for the rest of the country and if not the world so we’re going to find a solution to this soon”  

Commissioner bush will continue touring the valley Friday where he plans to meet with more community and state leaders in McAllen and encourages others in Washington D.C. to do the same. 

“They need to revisit the policy, come down here, learn, listen and come up with better policy,” said Bush. 

A group of 18 senators visited the Rio Grande Valley Friday as well, to tour the border with U.S. Border Patrol and Texas DPS Troopers assisting on the frontlines.