Garage sales halted in Hidalgo County as COVID-19 cases increase

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ALAMO, Texas (KVEO) — During the height of the pandemic, the city of Alamo was not allowing members of the community to hold garage sales to get rid of their unwanted items. That all changed around the start of November.

“We noticed that the numbers were starting to go down,” said Bobby Salinas, the city manager for the city of Alamo.

Seeing the reduction in COVID-19 cases, the city decided to allow garage sales once again. But it was short-lived.

“We started noticing a spike in the numbers,” said Salinas.

The spike in COVID-19 cases throughout Hidalgo County led to an abrupt change.

“We decided to go ahead and close them down again,” said Salinas.

The Mercadome Flea Market in Alamo is still open and allowing people to buy and sell goods.

So why is the tightly packed flea market allowed to remain open when individuals can’t have garage sales?

Because even though the flea market is made up of several individual vendors, it is considered a single retail business by the city and is therefore allowed to follow Governor Abbott’s restrictions for retail stores.

“They’re following the CDC guidelines,” says Salinas. “The governor’s order says they can be open up to 75%.”

Salinas says stopping the garage sales, which do not have the same oversight and restrictions that a retail store does, was a move to help the city.

“We’re just trying to control the numbers. trying to make sure people are as healthy as possible,” said Salinas.

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