RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — DACA advocates are presenting their arguments before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans to save the program.

This comes a year after a Texas judge declared the DACA program illegal.

As the future of DACA is uncertain for now, DACA recipients like Orlando Vargas, are expressing concerns.

“If it wasn’t for the DACA program I wouldn’t have made it this far in my career. It allowed me the chance to get a job, not only help myself but help my parents,” said Vargas.

Vargas was raised in the Valley and like thousands of other Dreamers, he has benefited from the program.

He said he is hoping for the best outcome from the appeals court.

“It’s just frustrating that nothing is being done and every two years there’s a level of uncertainty and every time DACA is in the headlines that feeling starts creeping back in of ‘hey you know, I have a life, I have a career,  I have bills, I have a family to help’ you know, the moment that gets shut down, my world will literally crumble,” said Vargas.

Jaime Diez, a local immigration attorney with Diez and Crane, said he is hopeful immigrant advocates are making their voices heard.

“Hopefully, you know all these people going to New Orleans, of course, they’re there to support MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) and other organizations that are fighting for them but at the same time telling congress, congress you need to act, you need to do something about it, and remember, it’s not only them, it’s the United States citizen children, their spouses, and sometimes even parents,” said Diez.

Diez explained that if DACA were to end, it would cause an impact on the economy with DACA recipients’ employment authorizations expiring.

Diez said although a decision has yet to be made, he has a message for Dreamers and lawmakers.

“I just want to tell people, DACA recipients, don’t be afraid because we are far from having DACA completely disappear and also I guess a call into congress and a call into the federal government to the congress senators to just go ahead and stop politicizing this issue,” said Diez.