HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — March 14, 2023, marks 34 years since the kidnapping and killing of University of Texas at Austin student Mark Kilroy in Matamoros, Mexico.

One of Mark Kilroy’s friends spoke with ValleyCentral and is still shaken about what happened to his friend.

It is understandable why Ryan Fenley hasn’t moved on from the death of his friend. The killing brought to light the Narcosatanicos. They believed human sacrifices would make them invisible to police while running drugs.

Fenley showed journalist Derick Garcia some of the original posters that asked for information on Mark Kilroy’s disappearance.

“I’m the only one left that has all the original documents,” said Fenley.

Fenley describes the depravity of the killers who murdered Kilroy after a night of partying in Matamoros.

“You’re seeing something and you’re learning something that you didn’t even know was even possible in this earth,” said Fenley

Fenley looks over pages of flyers, articles, photographs, and news articles recounting the final moments of Mark Kilroy’s life.

Kilroy disappeared on March 14, 1989, when he and his friends left the spring break hot spot of South Padre Island for Mexico.

“When they kidnapped him they took him to a ranch it was considered unlucky to go beyond the 12th hour and they pretty much destroyed him with a machete,” said Fenley.

Brutalized because cult leader and cartel drug runner, Adolfo Constanzo, believed sacrificing a smart, anglo spring breaker would make them immune to law enforcement and bulletproof.

Kilroy’s disappearance led to a joint search that led Mexican investigators to a ranch in Matamoros.

Fifteen mutilated bodies, including Kilroy’s, were recovered.

With Texas week of spring break here, Fenley’s fear of another murder is a reoccurring nightmare.

“And [age] 19 – 20 it’s just hard to wrap your head around that when you see something like this and when you’ve gone through something like this, it’s you know the innocent part of life that we all know when we’re young was taken away at that age.”

Mark’s mother, Helen, passed away several years ago and Fenley believes they’re together in heaven.

Fenley hopes his friend’s story can serve as a reminder to be careful this spring break.