LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCental) — As summer approaches and schools let out, Fragile Planet Wildlife Park in Los Fresnos is gearing up to welcome guests for the summer.

The wildlife park has planned its first Junior Zoo Keeper Camp to provide kids of different age ranges a closer look at the animals and an opportunity to learn about conservation.

 “Our mission here at the park is conservation through interaction. We are a very interactive facility,” said animal keeper, Jorge Moya.

Moya explained that the park opened about a year ago and is providing education to visitors and throughout the community.

“Our summer camp, a big mission of that as well is instilling in the kids or the youth of the local valley that wildlife here is a thing and we need to be able to conserve the animals we have. We want to see these animals 50 to 75 years from now but that all starts from educating the youth,” said Moya.

As summer approaches the park is ready to provide more than its regular tours and presentations.

“We wanted to continue working with kids throughout the summer and so summer camp was the best thing. We came up with a junior zookeeper camp because we know kids love to be hands-on. It’s the best way to learn these days, especially after covid, after all this virtual learning, we need the kids to get back to hands-on,” said wildlife education coordinator, Holly Parrish.

The wildlife park has a range of animals from a capuchin monkey, sloth, and camels, to hundreds of reptiles and amphibians.

“We are the first place in the entire world to ever successfully breed and rear the purple toads and outside of that, we are the only place in the world to successfully breed the genus outside of a laboratory-style setting or accredited zoo,” said co-owner, Nick Stacey.

Stacey said the setup at the park allows guests to have an opportunity to get a different view of the animals.

“The kids absolutely love it. It’s like the little eye spy games. Every tank has a million things to see and especially when a little frog or toad starts walking around, their eyes just light up,” he said.

For more information on Fragile Planet Wildlife Park and its summer camp, you can visit their website.