BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A site known for one of the most gruesome murders in Brownsville history is getting a makeover. The Tres Angeles Park, formally known as the apartment complex where three children were decapitated by their parents and their bodies thrown in a dumpster. Now volunteers looking to share a positive light on the area.

Volunteers gather at the park located on 8th and Tyler for the beautification and restoration. Their goal is to shine a positive light on a site once known for three gruesome murders. On March 11, 2003 John Allen Rubio and his common law wife, Angela Camacho were believed to be on drugs when they decapitated their children at an apartment complex.

Luis V. Saenz, Cameron County District Attorney, “It’s our duty not to forget these three children. It’s our duty and our obligation to carry them on in our hearts. That’s why we’re here today. Planting life, back to this location that took life many, many years ago.

Today, the District Attorney’s Office Crime Victim Unit donates plants, resources and manpower to the garden area.

Jessica Davila, La Cocina Alegre – Manager Tres Angeles Community Garden, “Bringing life, bringing life back to this area. More so this corner that people thought was possessed or thing they used the house for negative things. This is bringing life back to this community.”

The incident happened well over a decade ago. Since then, the apartment complex has been demolished. The area transformed into a park and a community garden. However, despite that, some believe that justice has not been served.

“I as a chief law enforcement officer of the county would like to see the jury’s verdict, which has been rendered twice now carried out. Justice delayed is justice denied.” says the district attorney.

Despite the incident the community continues to come together to bring hope for future generations.

John Allen Rubio remains on death row. In September 2019 he filed to have his conviction tossed and re-evaluated. Angela Camacho is serving life in prison.