RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — A former officer with the Progreso Police Department will spend 30 years in prison for sexually assaulting two men he had in custody in 2019.

On Tuesday, a federal judge sentenced Matthew Lee Sepulveda, 26, to 30 years in federal prison for sexually assaulting two men while employed with the police department.

According to the court case, Sepulveda arrested the first victim in June 2019 and escorted him to a room at the Progreso Police Department where he began asking him questions of sexual nature before performing oral sex on the victim.

The victim stated that he did not leave the scene because he was scared of what would happen to him since Sepulveda was a police officer.

Sepulveda received a one-year sentence for this offense that will run concurrently with the other charge.

The second victim was also arrested in June 2019 and was only 17 at the time of the sexual assault. The victim was a passenger in a vehicle and could not contact his parents while the vehicle he was in was stopped for a traffic violation, so Sepulveda took him into custody.

Sepulveda took him into an office at the police station and performed oral sex on him.

The officer’s DNA was found on the victim’s underwear.

For this offense, Sepulveda received a 30-year prison sentence. Following this sentence, he will have five years of supervised release and is not allowed in contact with anyone below the age of 18.

Sepulveda served on the Progreso Police Department from April 2019 to July 2019.