Former front man of Brownsville-based Tejano band Grupo Mazz Jose “Joe” Manuel Lopez has been “approved for release”, according to his offender profile on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website

Lopez will be released upon completion of a nine-month treatment program, according to the website. The program is scheduled to begin in May.  

Lopez will be given specific guidelines to follow upon release. The guidelines are listed as followed, according to Texas Board of Pardons and Parole’s spokesperson Raymond Estrada:

  • Sex offender registration.
  • Prohibition on internet access for certain sex offenders.
  • No unsupervised contact with children < 17 Years.
  • Super Intensive Supervision Program.
  • No Contact with Victim.
  • Sex Offender Program.
  • Offender shall not reside with, contact, or cause to be contacted any person 17 years of age, or younger, in person, by telephone, correspondence, video or audio device, third person, media, or any electronic means, unless approved by the supervising parole officer.
  • Offender shall not enter the specified county(s) without prior approval, Harris County, Texas.

There will be no more parole review hearings.

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As CBS 4 News previously reported

The former lead singer of Brownsville-based Tejano band Grupo Mazz Jose “Joe” Manuel Lopez has been approved for transfer to a sexual offender education program.
The move was approved on Friday, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website.
In October 2006, Lopez was convicted on two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and one count indecency with a child. The victim was 13 years old.
He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Lopez will be transferred to a sex offender education program and will be granted a parole hearing completion of the program in four months.
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