EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Tuesday Richard Molina took the witness stand in his own defense. He was asked to clarify how he educated himself when it came to running for city council.

Throughout his testimony, Molina’s attorney Carlos Garcia asked him to identify his family members through pictures taken when they were block walking for his city council position in 2013. 

Molina testified that in order to prepare himself for a city council position, he studied and took a free class that was provided by Hidalgo County. 

He also confirmed his wife was present throughout the time he was taking the free class. 

Molina testified what he learned from the class was that residents could put their choice of address when it came to voting. 

“They wanted to help me win the election, they were big supporters of mine; I told them there was no issue with it if they wanted that address to be theirs,” said Molina. 

State Prosecutor Michael Garza asked Molina about a company called Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing and proceeded to question him on how people are allowed to vote by law in the state. 

Garza also questioned Molina on how he followed the law when he was in an officer position. 

Throughout the trial, Molina said he did not bribe anyone to change their address. 

He and his wife were charged with voter fraud during the 2017 mayoral election.