For the love of the community, Jim Mantz, 87, continues volunteering

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For the love of the community, Jim Mantz, 87, continues volunteering. (Source CBS 4)

There is nothing bigger in the world than the heart of a volunteer, and the Mission Police Dept. has one of the greatest.

Inside the department, you’ll find 87-year-old Jim Mantz who reviews the investigators’ cases before they are turned over to the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office.

“If the mistakes are made,” Mantz said. “I get in touch with the investigator to make the corrections.”

“He crosses out tees and dots our eyes for us because we’re in a hurry sometimes,” said Tomas Garces Jr., Mission police detective. “[And] with so many caseloads, he alleviates that process for us.”

Mantz retired from working for the Dept. of Defense and has been volunteering with Mission Police for the last seventeen years and comes in way before the sunrise and leaves at approximately 4 p.m.

Despite the long hours, Garces said the long-time volunteer has never called in sick.

“Earlier this year, he fell,” Garces said. “He was pretty bruised up and hurt and he still came in, he’s dedicated to his community.

And Mantz does whatever the police department needs him to do.

“My least favorite thing is not having enough work to do because I do like to keep busy,” Mantz said.

For Mantz, his workload varies as he said some days, he doesn’t have any cases at all and other days he gets nearly 20 and tries to spread them out to make it last until his shift is over.

However, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

“If I didn’t continue this, I would probably spend the rest of my time at home, and I don’t think I would live long that way,” Mantz said.

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