Following overwhelming trash, residents at apartment complex complain of maintenance

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DONNA, Texas (KVEO) — Tenants at Vaughn Apartment complex in the city of Donna first had concerns about the pile of trash that wasn’t being picked up for six months. Now, there are some tenants who have had multiple unresolved maintenance issues. 

Tenant Arnulfo Gonzalez was frustrated over the overwhelming trash pile at the apartment complex.  

“It wasn’t like this until people started noticing they could come in here at any time of the day or night and get rid of their whatever, garbage, trash,” said Gonzalez.

Trash not being the complex’s only problem.

A female tenant said she has lived there for three years and one of her pipes busted.

“It popped up the pipe and I was without water for two hours, three hours until my husband came at six o’clock and he fixed it, the maintenance couldn’t fix it,” said the female tenant. 

Wanting to stay anonymous, a mother of two feared retaliation. She said she has experienced numerous maintenance issues while living at Vaughn Apartments. 

The woman says her and her son heard a loud sound.

“….My son had been complaining about noises so we thought it was maybe something right? And then when we got close to the wall, you could hear the noise of the breaker switching,” she said.

The woman worried it could be a safety hazard for everyone she lived with. 

“Like what if one day there’s a fire and I can’t save my children,” she said. 

Another maintenance problem occurred but it was about water. 

“There is water coming from underneath the stove and there’s water coming from underneath the sink and I’ve explained it to them, and they don’t do anything about it,” she said. “I have food, but I can’t cook it, you know that even hard because you have food, but you can’t cook it, the only thing is to buy microwave food.”

Now she is looking to move into another apartment as soon as she can. 

“I’m just fed up with looking for something that’s budget like five hundred a month with water included.”

After calling management and not getting a response, she says the only thing that could help is another apartment complex emailing her of potential new places to call home. 

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