Flooding impacts a San Benito couple’s dreams of home building

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SAN BENITO, Texas (KVEO) — A San Benito couple’s dream of building a home is anything but amazing, severe flooding on their property has made it impossible for them to build.  

Owners Joe and Amelia Castillo shared dreams of building their home when they purchased property in San Benito three years ago.

The Castillos told KVEO problems with the pipes that connect to a drainage canal and their property has made their dream of building a home a nightmare.

“We bought property to enjoy and to build on it and we can’t build on it because we know what happens everything‘s gonna get ruined, our insurance just won’t cover it. It would be too expensive,” said Mrs. Castillo. 

Their property is 28 acres and Mr. Castillo says it’s more than a foot underwater. 

“I got a pipe in the corner of my property, actually two pipes and they pump and right now they’re pumping on the water from the canal until the canal’s levels go down,” said Mr. Castillo. 

Mr. Castillo said the pipe is a part of their property but he wants to work with the city of San Benito to fix the ongoing problem since it is attached to one of their drainage Canals. 

“I just want to have them let me plug the pipe or have them come put a valve so that when they do need to open them up, they can open them up and when I need to close them up I can close it up,” said Mr. Castillo. 

But one of the things Mr. Castillo said he doesn’t know is who would be in charge of paying for the valve on the pipe.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed or if since the canal belongs to them, they’re responsible for putting the valve on there or if we can share the cost of putting a valve on there,” said Mr. Castillo. 

He said his horses on the property are also impacted because they have to walk in water. 

“I got horses down underwater, their walking on water I have to come out here to walk them an hour and an hour and a half before I can put them back in the water because otherwise their hooves would get damaged,” said Mr. Castillo. 

In a statement, the Mayor of San Benito, Ricardo Guerra, said “During this recent rain event, the City experienced a large amount of rain, but did not receive any reports of sustained flooding or flooded homes. And while there were a few reports of localized street flooding in certain areas, the City’s drainage system worked well and kept up with the rain.”

The General Manager, Sonia Lambert, for Cameron county Irrigation District 2 said some property flooding could be due to elevation and that the amount of rain was unexpected but they are addressing all the flooded areas.

However, Mrs. Castillo said she is tired of the flooding.

“Me and my neighbors, we’re getting sick of it. you know you put money into your driveway, you put money into your fencing and it just goes down again so you don’t get nowhere,” said Mrs. Castillo. 

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