Flooded areas reported across McAllen, roads closed

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MCALLEN — The City of McAllen is actively reporting flooded areas that residents are asked to avoid.

To keep up with the latest weather updates, visit ValleyCentral’s weather page.

According to city officials, the following areas are experiencing flooding:

  • 10th Street from Trenton to Zinnia
  • 2nd between Dallas and Houston North to South Bound Traffic
  • Quamasia from 11th to 12th 
  • Primrose and Nolana
  • 4th and Quamasia
  • 16th from Quamasia to Wisteria
  • 1st and 23rd – the whole intersection is flooded
  • 10th and Houston
  • Colbath from 23rd to 26th 
  • 23rd from chicago to Jackson South Bound
  • Mccoll from Bus. 83 to Hackberry
  • 23rd from Nolana to Bus. 83 only one lane available
  • 2nd and Savanah
  • 10th from Pecan to Hackberry
  • 23rd from Frontage to Colbath North to South Bound inside lane
  • 10th from Ebony to Cedar
  • 10th from Wichita to Bus. 83

Due to the inclement weather, these streets are closed:

  • Redbud and 11th Street
  • Dove and Quamasia
  • 4th and Quamasia
  • 4th and Primrose
  • 24th and Quince

Additionally, the following intersections have signal lights that are out due to the weather:

  • 2nd and Dallas
  • Bicentennial and Tamarack 
  • Bicentennial and Hackberry – back to normal
  • 6th and La Vista
  • 10th and Fern
  • 10th and La Vista
  • 16th and Main
  • 16th and Main 
  • 16th and Bus. 83
  • 23rd and Ebony – back to normal
  • 10th and Tamarack
  • Pecan and Bicentennial
  • 10th and Pecan – back to normal
  • 2nd and La Vista
  • 6th and Bus. 83
  • 2nd and Bus. 83
  • 12th and Pecan
  • 10th and Chicago
  • 2nd from Harvey and La Vista
  • 6th and La Vista
  • El Rancho from Mccoll to Jackson – back to normal
  • 2nd and Harvey
  • McColl and Dallas
  • McColl and Bus. 83
  • McColl and Hackberry
  • McColl and Cobra

For any questions on city conditions, please call (956) 681-2700.

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