Flood victims have not fully recovered from last year’s devastating downpour

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LA FERIA, Texas – This month marks one year since the disastrous floods of upper Cameron county’s Tio Cano lake area. Some homeowners have not fully recovered from the nearly 2-3 feet of water in their homes.

The slightest bit of rain brings on the wave of anxiety for Lori Lopez and her children who lost tens of thousands of dollars in property.

“They’re terrified of water. They’re terrified of storms. We had a storm when we were displaced and living at my grandma’s house, ‘where are we going to go if something happens here?’” said Lopez.

In January, renovations were complete and Lopez along with her three youngest children moved back in.

“We’re glad to be home. It’s still an uneasy feeling, the ‘what ifs?’ You have to take it as it comes. Just live it day by day. I don’t want to lose everything again,” said Lopez.

While Lopez is fearful of what a future flood may damage, her neighbor Margarito Perez has yet to complete renovations.

Little by little, Perez is chipping away at the $27,000 in repairs, furniture and cost to lift his home 18 inches.

“If it floods, I hope it’s enough,” said Perez, “I love everything about this home.”

The families of Tio Cano lake are dry for now but are symbolically stuck on a deserted island because no one wants to buy a home in a potential flood zone, and they cannot sell their homes to the bank without going into financial ruin.

Perez and Lopez cannot predict the weather, but both said a flood will come again and they pray it does not harm them anymore.

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