HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Two local fishermen spotted something you would not normally see on the Boca Chica Beach shoreline.

“I guess you’ll never know what you’ll see on Boca Chica Beach,” concluded Captain Charlie Guillen, on a post he wrote on Facebook.

Guillen frequents the beach to fish for sharks, but he says that during a late-night trip, he and Eugene Uribe found themselves approaching a “mystery creature.”

Beaver found on Boca Chica Beach [Charlie Guillen/Boca Chica Beach Legends]

“I saw something breaking the smooth black surface of the water in the first gut. As we attempted to get a better glimpse of the mystery creature we dimmed the lights on the truck and slowly followed the creature,” wrote Guillen.

He says when the creature came ashore, he was surprised to find that it was a beaver.

“Well, that’s the first for me in over 25 years of running that shoreline,” wrote Guillen.

Because the animal was found at Boca Chica Beach, it is likely that it arrived through the Rio Grande, but its true origin is difficult to say for sure.

Beavers are semiaquadic and the second largest rodent in the world. They live in  ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the continental United States.