LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The first winery in Cameron County is now open and serves locally made wine in Los Fresnos.

Arthur and Melissa Delgado, owners of Bonita Flats Farm & Vineyard said the winery opened about three weeks ago and is currently offering three different wines.

They said a lot of work and planning went into it, but they have a lot of plans for the winery.

“We planted our first acre of vines, about five years ago, it’s Blanc du Bois vines, and we just planted another two and a half acres, last month,” Arthur Delgado said.

The Delgados have been farming for over ten years, but the enjoyment of winemaking led them to start growing their own grapes.

“Last year we both said, it’s time, we’ve been growing and doing all of this for four years, it’s time to move forward,” said Melissa Delgado.

The winery currently has a temporary building, patio, and rows of grapevines, but there are many plans for their 16-acre property.

“We will have the café with breakfast and brunch, we will also have our small farm stand so people can come to buy their organic vegetables and there’s going to be lots going on,” said Melissa Delgado.

Their vision and hard work are now paying off as they serve their guests and make plans.

“We aggressively did everything we had to do, go and present to a bank and our first bank said no, the second bank said, ‘oh my gosh, we see the vision’ and I think they saw us and how hard we had been working,” said Melissa Delgado.

They explained that they are looking forward to serving the community as pioneers in winemaking.

“We’re anxiously nervous and we’re also excited, but more than anything happy and grateful. We’ve done a lot of hard work and it’s starting to pay off,” said Arthur Delgado.

Bonita Flats Farm & Vineyard is open for business, but its first full buiding is scheduled to be ready in 60 to 90 days.