‘First of its own:’ SPI latest’s activity sparks excitement

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South Padre Island, Texas (ValleyCentral) – A new local business is stirring excitement among locals and visitors alike on South Padre Island.

Sign of SPI Cycle Pup seen on the bike and business.( KVEO Photographer Sal Castro)

SPI Cycle Pub is the latest addition to a list of growing activities available on the island.

The fifteen-seater bike provides an opportunity for people to enjoy a drink while also bike pedaling.

But if pedaling isn’t your thing don’t worry not everyone is expected to “pedal the whole entire way,” on the hour and a half ride, said Homer Garcia, owner of SPI Cycle Pub.

Seats on the pub cycle have seatbelts to encourage safety and kids are required to wear their seatbelts. (KVEO photographer Sal Castro)
The bike stored away before it begins its journey on the island. (KVEO Photographer Sal Castro)

The cycle pub has people bring their own beverages as they ride down the boulevard enjoying a night out. Most importantly the ride is family-friendly, meaning kids can get on.

“It is the first of its own here on South Padre Island, South Padre Island does need a lot more activities and I thought this was the perfect activity,” said Garcia.

SPI Cycle Pub owner Homer Garcia stands in the bar section of the cycle bike. (KVEO Photographer Sal Castro)

The new business allowed Garcia to stay closer to home with his wife and newborn. By being the first of its kind it brought along new challenges and learning experiences. He says he remembers people questioning his decision and asking how it would work.

Garcia serves as one of the bikes drivers, he was one of the two drivers who operate the bike.(KVEO Photographer Sal Castro)

Through trial and error, Garcia was able to see his vision come to life. Five months and a half in Garcia say it’s been encouraging seeing the support and reaction.

“We’ve been shown so much love locally,… not even just here it’s been all over states, we’ve had a lot of people from Michigan, North Carolina, you name it,” said Garcia.

A menu of Island Daiquiris 2 Go is posted on the cycle pup allowing guests to plan beforehand. (KVEO Photographer Sal Castro)

As part of the experience, riders are able to visit local businesses like Island Daiquiris 2 Go. They do give guests a 10% discount on their purchase says Garcia. SPI Cycle Pub is opening the doors for local businesses to work together on the island. Which Garcia hopes will continue to grow and allow for more involvement with one another.

Garcia poses behind the wheel of the cycle pub. (KVEO photographer Sal Castro)

Garcia plans to continue to grow the business and hopes to create a restaurant one day. But right now he’s been very appreciative of the success he’s seen so far. He wants people to continue to have fun and enjoy themselves.

“We just want you to have a fun experience, we want you to come and have a great time,” said Garcia. “We just want you to enjoy yourselves, that’s our main concern its for people to have fun.”

For more information visit SPI Cycle Pub or call 956-80CYCLE

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