Fewer people are selling items at pawn shops despite usual trends

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HARLINGEN, Texas — Pawn shops usually see a rise in business when there’s a need for money. 

While COVID-19 has had a financial impact on families, people aren’t necessarily looking to sell their personal items. 

Sean Makovsky, a supervisor at Money Mart Pawn and a member of the San Antonio Pawnbrokers Association said that during the pandemic, pawn shops have seen a rise in retail sales for electronic products.  

“We’ve seen a big push in computer equipment and tablets to help with distant learning with the schools being closed,” he said. “A lot of home entertainment items are selling, video game systems, televisions, just things that keep people entertained while they are at home during the shelter-in-place.” 

Makovsky said they also haven’t been seeing people pawning or selling their items, because of the extra income through stimulus checks and tax returns. 

“The demand for money is kind of on hold a little bit, once apartment complexes say ‘hey you owe us 2 to 3 months rent,’ then you’ll see people kind of scrambling looking for ways to secure funds.” 

The pandemic has hit families from all walks of life. Whether you are turning to pawn shops to purchase items or sell your personal belonging, Makovsky says the process is simple.

“Bring an item of value into us they got to make sure they have a valid state issued ID, they have the ability to demonstrate the item and show ownership there and give us the value they are looking for,” he said.

With retail stores opening up this Friday across Texas. Makovsky doesn’t plan on seeing much of an impact happening to their business, but said they will continue to follow all state guidelines.

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