The couple raised their two sons and one daughter in the home, but years after living in a dilapidated house, the couple decided to apply for grant.

The Munguia’s are one of two families from Mission on Thursday receiving newly constructed homes with the help of the Community Development Block Grant Program.

The 81-year-old and her husband applied for the grant in June 2014 because her house desperately needed repairs, and they couldn’t afford to do maintenance.

“It didn’t have any insulation, so in the winters it was cold. It was very cold,” Munguia said.

The program allows people who can’t keep up with the maintenance of their own home to get their city to use federal money to either renovate the home or rebuild a new home.

“We have contractors that do this for us and we create some jobs, and we create people to benefit by the purchase of lumber, so it really helps the community,” said Norberto Salinas, the Mayor of Mission.

Those who want to apply need to fill out an application and prove they own the property and the home.

Once paperwork is processed, city inspectors evaluate if the home can be fixed through remodeling or if it needs to be built from the ground up.

Once construction began, the Munguia’s waited five months for their new home.

“Now, I don’t have to worry that it’s getting cold in the winter. They’ve got new heating and air conditioning. My brother and my sister and I don’t have to worry about them anymore,” Enrico Munguia said.

Mission has seen 409 new houses and 300 home restorations through the project.

“It’s a nice celebration that we have with every family, and they feel great. It’s very nice for us, for the city council, and myself and of course the staff. We feel great because we did something for somebody,” Salinas said.

Families receiving the new homes must keep up with the property taxes for the next five years.

Other cities participate in the federal Community Development Block Grant Program.

Those interested in applying may contact city hall.