February freeze continues to take a toll on one Harlingen citrus farmer

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral)— Although the February freeze was over six months ago, it’s still impacting Yahweh All Natural Farm and Garden.

Co-owner of Yahweh All Natural Farm and Garden, Diana Padilla said, “it was a big setback.”

Padilla added the freeze froze the trees down, but only to the ground level and didn’t reach the roots. She said it’s going to take up to three years for those trees to harvest again though.

“We waited three years,” said Padilla. “Now we have to wait another three years to add that [tropical fruit] to our boxes.”

Padilla told ValleyCentral that summertime is also her farm’s peak harvesting season for moringa, which is her cash crop, but because her trees didn’t start sprouting leaves until now and with winter around the corner, she’s a year and a half behind on that crop as well.

Padilla said the effects are just now kicking in and it may cost her customers. “We’ll see who signs up, who was kind of discouraged from last year and doesn’t sign up again,” said Padilla. “The effects from the end of our season will be shown now when we start our subscription again.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the June flooding, and the February freeze, Padilla said she is looking to catch a break so she can get caught up on the farm.

Padilla hopes though that people are sensitive to farmers and that the community considers investing and purchasing from local farms.

For more information on how you can support Yahweh’s All Natural Farm and Garden, visit their website.

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